Equipment Specialties

4K / Cinema Cameras

Red One, Epic, Scarlet, Sony F65, F55

HD Video Cameras

Panasonic Varicam 2700, Panasonic 101, Sony EX1, EX3


Phantom Flex, HD Gold, Miro, Photron SA2, BC2, SAX

Night Vision

Starlight, various Infra-Reds & Thermal cameras


Borescopes, Endoscopes


Canon & Nikon DSLRs  - Camblock & Kessler motion control systems

Remote & Trap Cameras

Bradley cameras, custom built remote heads, various trapcams

Grip Equipment

Jimmy Jib, ABC Crane, Tracks & Dollys, Steadicam, MPH Cable Dolly

Personal Profile

  • Camera Systems

    Howard Bourne is a Freelance Lighting Cameraman specialising in wildlife documentaries. Often utilising unique camera systems he has been integral to designing and building, Howard has an innovative approach to film-making. After working 5 years as staff for Ammonite, Howard went freelance.

  • Additional Skills

    Rope access (IRATA Level 1 climber)

    PADI Open Water Scuba Diver

    Full UK Driving License and All Terrain Vehicle Training

    Trained Steadicam Operator

  • USA / UK Dual Citizenship

    Howard has a British and an American passport, so is ready to work in the States at a moments notice.

  • Custom Engineering

    Designed & commissioned numerous camera systems such as Cable Dollys, Underwater Housings, Starlight & Thermal cameras

  • Experienced DIT

    Expererience working on several stereoscopic 3D Productions in the field. In depth knowledge of cinema camera workflows.